Richard Bose


Rebar Detailing process and Bar Bending schedule specifications

17th August 2010
Rebar detailing is the process of producing sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists and labels as per the reinforcement specifications. It involves graphical representation of bar placing and analysis of varying bars with bending schedules and dimension... Read >

Importance of Shop Drawing in Manufacturing & Fabrication Process

13th May 2010
A shop drawing is a set of drawings produced by the contractor manufacturer or fabricator. Shop drawings are most commonly required for pre-fabricated components. Examples of these include: elevators, structural steel, trusses, pre-cast, windows, applianc... Read >

Benefits of Using CAD Software for Building Construction – A Review

22nd March 2010
Historically, every large engineering and construction company relied on a drafting table used by a professional drafter. It was necessary for producing needed blueprints, elevation drawings and high quality visual renderings for prospect customers. Draft... Read >

Standard Structural drafting practices, symbols and conventions

03rd February 2010
Structural drafting practices are very similar to that used in engineering drawing. Because of the complexity of structural drawings are generally produced by experienced engineer or expert structural drafter. Sheet Layout: The drawing paper need to ... Read >

Why use CAD or AutoCAD for Civil engineering design and drafting

12th January 2010
Civil Engineers design and develop modern home and commercial buildings. They design building models and implement those using resources and technologies. Presently, designs are created digitally using computer-aided design (CAD) softwares. CAD drafting h... Read >

Basic Roof Trusses Design specifications for Better Construction

12th November 2009
Approximately 75% of homes built today utilize pre-fabricated roof trusses in place of conventional roof rafters to support the roof! Roof trusses are pre-manufactured wood structures which are fabricated in a workshop and carefully designed to support th... Read >

Understanding of Various Steel Rebar Sizes and Rebar Grades

29th May 2009
Today Steel is the most admired building material across the globe and is used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial structures; from tall skyscrapers to huge sports stadium to homes and shopping malls. Steel beams and especially steel re... Read >